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              Chaoan Zhiru Architectural Ceramics Co.,Ltd,is one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary wares in Chao’an,Guangdong.It is a joint venture starting with information,technology,research,development,sales and services.
              This company noted for environmental protection,technology and serveces,starts width German technology,creative designs,wonderful shapes,and excellent quality.The products are exported to the Middle East,the Maldives,USA,Canada,Australia,European union,South East Asia,Africa,H.K.,Macao and Taiwan;Sales network covers all big cities in Macn Land China.
              Since its establishment in 1994,the products have passed the inspections of the authorities of provincial organization for the last several years.The company has gained credit from customers for the excellent quality and services.
              In 2001,the company passed through ISO9001:2000 and got its qualification,running under the customer-centered management principle.
          ? Copyright 2013 Chaoan Zhiru Architectural Ceramics Co.,Ltd. All RIghts Reserved 
          Tel:0086-768-6838078 / Fax:0086-768-6836589
          Add:Fuqing Industrial Zone,Waima Road,Guxiang,Chaoan Guangdong